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Since there is so many questions open about Faryal Makhdoom and Amir King Khan getting engaged married in the future, what race she is etc etc here are facts about Faryal Makhdoom you can add to these facts if you wish - I'd like to also congratulate Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom on there engagement which will be taking place this evening in bolton congratulations to them

now to move on to the facts about faryal makhdoom

1. faryal makhdooms race/background - at first people thought she was lebenese or turkish with the pictures that were published but both amir khan and faryal makhdoom have recently been to pakistan - it has been revealed shockingly that she is pakistani the new clearer pictures do make her look pakistani I must admit at first even I thought she was half and half lebenese or turkish

2. where is faryal makhdoom born - now your thinking hey amir khan is from england bolton she must be from there too - you are mistaken faryal makhdoom is a united states of america citizen yes a US citizen born and raised in New York city

3. how did amir khan and faryal makdhoom meet - they met from a mutual friend and it went from there they only met each other 3 times in total before deciding hey your the one for me let's get married

4. Faryal Makhdoom is not after Amir Khan's money - before all you women start thinking that should have been you how he splashed out £100,000+ on his ring amir khan is not stupid to marry a gold digger after his money infact Faryal Makhdoom is rich and wealthy enough which makes it better for amir khan knowing that he is not getting married to someone who is only looking for the money and fame

5.Faryal Makhdoom is not pregnant - stop launching such stupid rumours there both muslim amir khan is a practicing muslim there is no official news of this nor will they be

6. What does faryal makhdoom do for a living - she is a student - a new york student only 20 years of age so you can imagen she still has a few years more to study

7. Where will the engagement of amir khan and faryal makhdoom be held at - the engagement will be in Bolton - England no surprises there as the man taking the daughter of the Makhdooms it is the right decision and I'm sure the wedding will also be held in bolton with an after party in new york just so faryal can meet with her friends and family share that memorable moment

8. there is no 8 click answer now - add to this list below - get yabbing

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  1. thanks for the wishes everyone x

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  2. Faryal Makhdoom is a great hearted human being after speaking to her on twitter I wouldn't say amir khan is exactly lucky because he himself is a role model to muslims/non muslims all around the world but I would definently say it was "meant to be" I urge yabbers not to speak about amir khan's past I'm sure you all have pasts some mistakes you may have done but you learn from it and you become the person you are besides I'm not believing a thing that the media say he prays his 5 times a day he fears allah almighty then you guys are accusing him of such actions good luck to them both in the future may allah almighty keep them happy forever and ever inshallah

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  3. Now to add to my list to the facts of Faryal Makhdoom which seems to be doing very well -

    Amir Khan said on Jonathan Ross Interview “I always said to my friends I will never go to New York it’s too busy for me but look I end up getting engaged in New York (Faryal Makhdoom)

    He continued to speak to Jonathan Ross saying how Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom met “met her about a year ago it was.. I was doing a prada shoot and she bumped into me and we went for dinner, since then we just .. kept in touch then I kind of popped the question

    He went on to explain how the muslim culture works – how he did not propose to Faryal Makhdoom told his mum and dad he is ready to marry Faryal, Amir Khan’s mum and dad got in contact with Faryal’s mum and dad and it was sort of a modern type of arranged marriage

    He then announces that Faryal Makhdoom will be moving to Bolton England after they are officially married.

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  4. Looking at her hair reminds me of a prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he said one day women will dress there hair in a way which will look like the hump of a camel...

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  5. FACT NUMBER 18 if he wasn't a boxer n just a normal lad from bolton she wouldn't look at him twice :p

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  7. Fact - Amir Khan was still in his 4 year on/off relationship with Aakila Musa when he met Faryal and throughout the Summer! Another fact - Amir Khan cheated on Faryal the last week of September with Zarina Hussain! Faryal knows this too!

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  8. @YAS910MIN

    please explain why she still married him, who would marry a cheat? sounds very silly

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  9. fact number 22 Naeem khan needs to stop the "drag queen" look, he's a great makeup artist, but needs to tone it down a bit, esp with that chavvy hair, it's nice but not classy, it's chavvy n his makeup needs to be a little bit more classy also, so fact number 22 STOP THE DRAG QUEEN LOOK..

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  10. @yas910min why are you talking about amir khan's past? who cares about his girlfriends and why lie that he cheated on Faryal and she knew if she knew she wouldn't have married him she is more than wealthy enough and beautiful enough to get a guy that is faitful

    im sure amir khan will look after her stop your sillyness posting such crap and be happy for them

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  11. Why does everyone keep saying she is rich...she is only 20 and doesn't even work. She comes from a wealthy family its not her money!!!

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  12. Fact number 11..... um, She looks very pretty and did not understand AMIR kHAN's bolton accent at first lol

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  13. LOL @ Nanya love your facts xx

    keep them coming this is looking like a proper database of Faryal facts at the moment

    Facts number *lost count* Faryal Makhdoom looks a billion times more pretty without make up in her first few pictures .. Thumbs up if you agree

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  14. 4. Faryal Makhdoom is not after Amir Khan's money - before all you women start thinking that should have been you how he splashed out £100,000+ on his ring amir khan is not stupid to marry a gold digger blah blah

    fact number 19 doesn't mean if your not rich your a golddigger, n fact number 20 if she wasn't rich, would he not marry her? and fact number 21 we women don't think that, as it's already written from God, so maybe you should stop being so stereotypical :)

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  15. fact number 23 ALL or should i say Every paki lies on how they met, n says "mutual friends, relatives" ..PATI EI NA ROLLLAAAYYYY LOL.

    (wish them the best of luck for the future, may God bless them both, it's all written from the very start so people stop hating and being jelous, asking daft questions like how she looks without makeup,she's someones daughter too just like us, speak your mind n bit of banter but don't ask silly questions lol. )

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  16. For those that keep saying amir khan is lucky blah blah blah its the other way round Faryal Makhdoom is the lucky person not Amir Khan, the boxer has worked so hard to get known around the world to do what he does best don't throw such stupid comments

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  17. LOL @ these facts, some of them are very true and some of them are very far off

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  18. louboutins is going to design her wedding outfit

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  19. she uses urban decay makeup

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  20. For those wondering where abouts Faryal's family is from in pakistan - she is from Karachi is the dress sense yesterday evening wasn't obvious enough both her and mother in saree's there a wealthy family from Karachi

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  21. She studies political science and journalism in New York

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  22. she can speak urdu

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  23. her birthday is on may 10 1991

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  24. Fact number 9 - Faryal Makhdoom is muslim like amir khan :D

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  25. Fact Number 15 - Faryal Makhdooms parents Shaukat Makhdoom and mum Zia makhdoom gave the couple a BMW 750Li as a gift when they heard of the engagement.

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  26. exclusive fact: she is the only daughter, she has no sister

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  27. she used to drive beemer

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  28. she finds her fiances eyes most attractive

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  29. she actually studies corporate law

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  31. She has a brother

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  32. sorry just a modification she drives a bmw 7 series

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  33. she drives a BMW 7 series RT

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  34. she wants 4 kids

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  35. her nose is pierced and she wore a small nose stud on her engagement

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  36. HER HEIGHT IS 5.4

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  37. She studies political sciences and journalism

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  38. All the best to Amir Ali and Faryal Makhdoom!

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  39. her star sign is leo

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  40. ferrro rocher is her favourite chocolate

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  41. SHE SPEAKS SPANISH but not fluently

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  43. she has an i phone and ipad because it says that on facebook she has send one message from ipad and then one message from iphone

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  44. She likes the smell of laudry

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  45. her date of birth is 27 july 1991

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  48. Fact Number 13 - Faryals height is 5ft 3inches.

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  49. Faryal Makhdoom saga needs to finish already, i want to see who amir khan fights next !

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  50. Anybody who thinks Faryal doesn't "look" Pakistani must be out of their mind, or maybe they've not seen enough Pakistanis.

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  51. Faryal Makhdoom and Amir King Khan make an awesome couple - thumbs up if you agree

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  52. What colour are Faryal Makhdoom's eyes? that would be an interesting fact to know im curious

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  53. @yasmin @slrlover ; Nobody will know if it was Aakila Musa or Zarina .. what they done it's all done behind closed doors his a celebrity it is all expected form amir khan his now married this is where it all counts for him to stop and respect his new wife faryal makhdoom

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  54. I also found out that Faryal Makhdoom although she is a student from new york she does wear desi clothes rather than the usual western clothes. Those who have been added to his facebook has seen some photos and can confirm she does wear those pretty asian dresses as well.

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  55. Faryal Makhdoom is indeed a yankiee from new york not a brit

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  56. she blow drys her hair

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  57. Make up does wonders for girls, get the most dressed down girl and put that much slap on her face as Faryal has got on and she will look the part aswell, if youve got natural beauty then you shud show it off, but as we can see she hasnt, otherwise she wouldnt have that much slap on.
    Pretty? Beautiful? Id say shes an alright looking girl, wouldnt blow her trumpet that much that her head blows up, because now this is a fact, none of us have seen all the women in the world and believe me, theres gorgeous looking women who dont need that much effort as Faryal needs.

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  58. Fact 17 Faryal Makhdoom has a facebook fanpage, which is not on private anymore..

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  59. Faryal Makhdoom does not watching Amir Khan box just like his mother they don't really seeing amir khan being hurt etc so both amir's mother and faryal will most likely not be sat ringside during his fights

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  60. Faryal Makhdoom loves being in the spotlight clearly showing it on twitter lol

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  61. Faryal Makhdoom has one cheeky smile shes pure natural beauty i must say.

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  62. Faryal Makhdooms real name is Faryal Hussain " Hussain " is there family name that is why everyone was getting confused thinking she is arabic / turkish because of the makhdoom surname

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  63. Let's lay out the most important facts this is getting slightly messy now - people saying his cheated and what not stop being misleading when you don't know the full truth behind amir khan and faryal makhdoom the reason why they are married is because they love each other an they have an understanding they wouldn't get married if they knew it was not going to last (yes i know there engaged not married - not long till it happens)

    anyway here are the important facts about faryal makhdoom

    - Faryal Makhdoom is a muslim, pakistani born in new york

    - 5ft3 inches is Faryal's height she does look taller but that's the magic heals can do

    - (unsure) but many people say her family background is from Karachi in pakistan

    - she seems to have dark black hair - coloured during her engagement slightly brown

    - she did not understand the bolton accent when she first met amir khan

    - faryal makhdoom has a dazzling smile ;)

    - faryal makhdoom means angel in arabic i believe

    - faryal's and amir's engagement is officially done yesterday in bolton reebok stadium

    - amir khan splashed out over £100,000+ for her engagement ring

    - faryal makhdoom is not of any celebrity status but she is wealthy rich

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  64. fact number 24 @ yas019 (or whatever ur called..cnt be bothered scrollin down) your families money is ur money, afterall parents earn for their kids, unless it works the other way round in urs? she is only engaged yet, not married so obviously she will have her status of her families until she is married...unless it works the other way round for some people...:D

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  65. Shes too young, very very clever, you can tell by the way she speaks, your a goner Amir Khan, shes going to have you wrapped around her petite finger, mark my words, its not going to last, like i said shes too young and too clever for him, GOOD LUCK because your going to need it. And as for all you obssessed people out there, you need to get a life you saddos, no offence like. LMFAO

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  66. Faryal sweetie please change ur makeup artist and hair artist for the wedding

    Report abuse     Feb 22, 2012 05:27 PM  |   Thumb Up (3)   2 (2)

  67. FACT- Faryal Makhdooms Make up was done by this woman whose name has been stated here >

    Her make up for her engagement was done by that woman.

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  68. Fact Number 16 - Faryal Makhdoom lives in a three-storey family home on Staten Island, America.

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  69. Fact number 14 - Faryals name means 'Angel'.

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  70. @Nanyo, thankyou very much, exactly what i am trying to say, if he was a normal lad off the street in a standard Audi or Golf would she have chose to be with him??? No she wouldnt, so what has exactly attracted her to him? Not rocket science but the fact that he is a popular boxer, and fame is swarming all over him, so now all of you tell me what did she exactly see in him?

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  71. @Zak, Rolemodel? Erm i dont really think you know what role model means huni, Amir Khan is a muslim, and in Islam it is haraam to be famous, didnt you know that much?!!!! He can read all the prayers he wants but it still doesnt over-ride his part of life which is haraam, he eats, shits and sleeps on haraam! Role model, no thankyou, in future when i have children i definetely wouldnt want them to follow Amir Khans footsteps and forget their values and religion. I see alot of you dont have lives, you need to get out more and look at them who are being tortured, not the ones who have been sold out and bought by the devil and lives the high life.

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  72. nice!

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  73. Fact 20 Amir Khan went public and gave his wife ( Faryal Makhdoom ) her first ever compliment on twitter telling her she's beautiful :P get in there

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  74. Faryal Makhdoom is 5 ft 3 inches ;o

    * edit someone got there before me lol

    congratualtions to faryal and amir !

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  75. @ RT thanks, when i stated fact number 18 that she wouldn't look at him twice if he wasn't a boxer i was not trying to imply that he is not good looking, or anything, just because she said she did not know what the word daft meant n hw he spoke etc, n fact number 23 @ zain all girls are pure, i hate it how girls get labelled or stereotyped, i know how some girls mess about but each to there own, ask yourself one question, do we all have a heart? that will make it simpler to answer your own question as to why all girls are pure :D

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  76. Another fact for you the stage Hypnotist Ian Dee also attended the reebook stadium for the engagement part of boxer amir khan and his American wife Faryal Makhdoom

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  77. more pictures of faryal makhdoom on her page over here, she is with amir khan in the snow another eating fish and chips lol enjoy

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  78. Congratulations to Amir King Khan and Faryal Makhdoom what a fantastic couple just saw some new pictures they look so loved up its cute I must admit Faryal looks better when she is natural without so much make up like her wedding, still beautiful though wish you the best

    Report abuse     Feb 7, 2012 11:37 AM  |   Thumb Up (2)   1 (1)

  79. I can;t believe Faryal Makhdoom posted lol, congratulations to Faryal you stunner ;)

    Report abuse     Feb 26, 2012 01:35 PM  |   Thumb Up (2)   1 (1)

  80. Amir Khan must equally find it hard to hear that strong new york accent as I read above it took Faryal Makhdoom some time to get into listening to the Bolton lingo - I wish her the best and I respect Amir Khan for doing it the muslim way by getting her parents to talk to her parents

    Report abuse     Mar 8, 2012 12:47 PM  |   Thumb Up (2)   2 (2)

  81. FaryalMakhdoom officially on twitter @faryalxmakhdoom - she has tweeted exclusive pictures never seen before also tweeting amir khan and his replying back so its definently the official faryal makhdoom twitter page

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  82. 8. she is amir khan fiance

    Report abuse     Mar 16, 2012 05:56 PM  |   Thumb Up (2)   0 (0)

  83. amir khan's fiance looks like kate middleton in her pics!

    Report abuse     Apr 9, 2012 12:28 PM  |   Thumb Up (2)   0 (0)

  84. will there date be cancelled for marriage? seen as amir is now fighting in july :S there goes the deposit lol good luck to them both they deserve each other :)xx

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  85. first things are first, congrats to the couple even though i dont know them from a hole in the wall.
    Secondly, yes people i know she comes from a wealthy family, and shes got the money and is not a golddigger, but she fished for fame, theres a difference in having just wealth, and having wealth aswell as fame, shes just got fortune and now shes got her fame through her hubby to be.
    which one of us has met a guy/girl and married them after three meetings? i presume none of us, yeah? how many women out there overlook their men cheating on them when their men deny it? alot of us, so shes done the same, theres no case of 'she wouldnt marry him, blah blah, if she knew he cheated on her', it happens to the best of us and we still stick to those men, now ladies dont deny that one.
    facts about Faryal? erm sorry but i have got better things to do with my time than to find out her date of birth or her height, get in the real world guys.

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  86. Well most of above is not correct. Im a freelance jounalist. Faryal and Amir met in a club. She was with her ex. After that they exchanged numbers. After that they have met in hotels and other resorts. They even showed pictures on roof tops. Faryal sold her story to magazines. Wedding was paid for by these organisations. Her real name is Faryal Hussain. One day before her wedding Amir backed out and she replied tough you have to go through with it.She has had face surgery eg nose job, chin chisled. Google it to see pictures. Amir posted pictures on twitter but later removed it. His wedding in bolton he invited people he didnt know. He made every guest making contributuons on his edding day. Thats bad. People were forced to give it as they went around collecting it. Faryal has rang Amirs friends including his exs threating them. She tweeted after her money moon not happy coming Bolton as have bad memories. Lols she met her ex after marriage. She had messaged her ex saying she hates Amirs family and wants to move out and is only using him for his money. His ex has all the messages. He is decent has not sold his story to the press

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  87. Faryal Makhdoom's make up was done by naeem khan mua people discussing it on facebook

    Report abuse     Jan 31, 2012 11:25 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  88. Fact: Amir Khan spent £100,000 on a diamond-studded ring for Faryal Makhdoom

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  89. she knows and I have the proof from Faryal herself!!!

    Report abuse     Jan 30, 2012 04:24 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   0 (0)

  90. Nice post. Faryal Makhdoom will be a hot topic today ;)

    fact number 8 she is beautiful .. lol sorry for being usless

    Report abuse     Jan 29, 2012 05:38 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  91. Amazingggggggg facts right here, saves me going through hundred pages, well done to perfectionist and everyone else writing below on faryal makhdoom facts xx

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  92. Fact number.......not sure the number anymore lol.
    Faryal Makhdoom is pakistani :)

    Report abuse     Feb 4, 2012 01:54 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  93. Faryal Makhdoom's ring is worth a whooping £100,000 platinum ring encrusted with three staggering diamonds!

    Report abuse     Feb 4, 2012 09:15 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  94. Faryal Makhdoom went on a tour in bolton with Amir Khan she was amused at the food we eat in the UK fish and chips

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  95. Faryal Makhdoom does not have green eyes there more like light brown look at her pictures people with the recent faryal makhdoom page above someone posted

    Report abuse     Feb 8, 2012 10:26 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   2 (2)

  96. Faryal Makhdoom has light brown eyes.

    Report abuse     Feb 27, 2012 11:29 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   0 (0)

  97. Eulb Yvi is a load of crap to be honest with you, people need to cut Blue Ivy Carter some slack she is a little baby and already the media are cutting her up to pieces telling the world how she is the devils Lucifer’s name by flipping her name backwards it means nothing – I repeat it means nothing Eulb Yvi is a made up word it never existed till this whole beyonce drama came about now all of a sudden Lucifer has a daughter named Eulb Yvi what complete utter non sense I know my stuff and I know not to believe or fall for this non sense

    Report abuse     Feb 28, 2012 11:36 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  98. Faryal Makhdoom is going to be one popular bunny

    Report abuse     Mar 2, 2012 11:06 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  99. She doesnt straighten her hair, she blow drys it

    Report abuse     Mar 5, 2012 08:56 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  100. whens there weding

    Report abuse     Mar 6, 2012 07:05 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   2 (2)

  101. Faryal Makhdoom is a gorgeous , good luck guys xx

    Report abuse     Apr 2, 2012 10:25 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   2 (2)

  102. Who is this makhdoom woman first time hearing about her :S

    Report abuse     Apr 10, 2012 07:25 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  103. Faryal Makhdoom seems very popular already on twitter and facebook, seen her post a status and within 2 minutes theres like 50 likes lol

    Report abuse     Apr 26, 2012 03:25 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   2 (2)

  104. Faryal Makhdoom defo looks like Cher Lloyd in her facebook pictures... the hotter version lol

    Report abuse     May 4, 2012 07:22 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  105. grrrr...!!!! i want to look like faryal!

    Report abuse     May 11, 2012 08:26 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  106. Every one thinks Faryal looks like Cher Lloyd

    Report abuse     May 13, 2012 03:40 PM  |   Thumb Up (1)   1 (1)

  107. I met Faryal in Bolton when they went on the sun tour for the newspaper spoke to her for a minute, she is an excellent person ! Faryal Makhdoom fully deserves Amir Khan

    Report abuse     Feb 21, 2012 05:18 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   1 (1)

  108. My gosh, look at these facts of Faryal Makhdoom o,O It seems that yabyab has more information on Faryal Makhdoom than newspapers loool - these are quite good as i was also curious about a few things, the facts have certainly grown.

    Report abuse     Feb 15, 2012 04:57 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   1 (1)

  109. Faryal Makhdoom has said to be very humble, she does not attend her fiance's fights and she won't be attending the latest fight between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson

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  110. Congratulations to them both, what a beautiful couple .. just clicked the facebook fanpage on this page and saw the pictures she looks awesome with the purple saree.. ;)

    This question is getting crazy views just hit the popular list on YabYab - I request people viewing to sign up to YabYab - you can ask questions and you'll get instant answers from people in the community .. come join the fun ;) cheerio

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  111. Just typed her name into google, look what i found Faryal Makhdoom's twitter page ;o!/faryalmakhdoom

    think she just activated it now? exclusive to yabyab again she has no followers! must be brand spanking new twitter page she has made

    Report abuse     Jan 30, 2012 01:35 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   2 (2)

  112. Another fact people keep saying this marriage between Amir Khan and Faryal was an arranged marriage they have met 3+ times in the past before getting engaged how is the marriage engaged? there getting a love marriage after falling in love

    Report abuse     Jan 30, 2012 01:44 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   1 (1)

  113. Faryal Makhdoom did not know what the word daft meant till Amir Khan kept saying it then she asked and found out LOL

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  114. Fact 16 a fact that everyone knows Amir Khan is in love lol

    Report abuse     Jan 29, 2012 06:08 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   1 (1)

  115. Fact numero 10: they were both in the city of New york - Times Square yesterday, here is your proof ;)

    Report abuse     Jan 29, 2012 05:43 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   3 (3)

  116. Fact Number 12; They will swap rings in front of 1,000 people at a lavish £150,000 engagement party at Bolton Wanderers' Reebok Stadium.

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  117. Faryal Makhdoom seems too good for Amir Khan because she's innocent and pure and I'm sure he's definately messed around with a few girls before getting with her. I'm guessing she doesn't care about any of that so good luck to them both. If it was the other way round he would not consider her marriage material, that's what really gets to me. Ah well she seems like a sweet girl and very pretty! good luck to them both

    Report abuse     Feb 2, 2012 12:50 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   7 (7)

  118. Fact 30 - Amir Khan's mother has been pushing Amir for the past few years to get married, once he met Faryal he instantly knew she was the one ;)

    Report abuse     Feb 4, 2012 08:58 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   2 (2)

  119. Faryal Makhdoom is already famous and she is about to get even more famous, after the marriage expect nobody to leave her alone, she has become talked about and is now the centre of attention. We all know how Faryal Makhdoom does not like watching Amir Khan when he fights well, news has broke that he will face Lamont Peterson on may the 19th of 2012.

    Report abuse     Feb 10, 2012 01:57 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   0 (0)

  120. Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan about to get married is one of the biggest things since his fight with Peterson. We have already found out so many things about her, her hair colour, eye colour, what her original surname is, her ethnicity and place of birth which was in new York. Also about how they met and even her favourite colour. It seems to me that Faryal Makhdoom’s favourite colour is purple.

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  121. Here is a quote from Amir Khan himself about Faryal Makhdoom, if Amir Khan himself said it then it has to be a fact that she is humble, got no edge and a just a terrific person.

    “Faryal is so humble. Anybody who meets her is going to fall in love with her. She’s got no edge, she’s just a terrific person,” he said.

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  122. LOL @ she doesn't straighten her hair she blow drys it , some realyl good interesting facts about faryal on here :D

    Report abuse     Mar 6, 2012 02:09 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   0 (0)

  123. Faryal Makhdoom does not like Bolton, England according to the newspapers.

    Report abuse     Sep 30, 2013 10:02 AM  |   Thumb Up (0)   0 (0)

  124. Faryal Makdhoom is having a baby, according to her facebook/twitter update!

    Report abuse     Nov 5, 2013 01:51 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   0 (0)

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