What does Eulb Yvi mean?

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Its trending on twitter, what does Eulb Yvi mean?

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  1. Okay first things first, I would like to congratulate the lucky couple Jay-Z and Beyonce on bringing beautiful baby Blue Ivy into the world on January 7th. She is the most adorable baby girl, if you haven’t yet seen the pictures I suggest you do so, pronto. You don’t want to be missing out on Jay-Z’s cheesy smile and little Blue Ivy’s tuft of hair sticking up, and of course Beyonce glowing as per usual. Jealous much?

    Now I don’t know about many people, but anything to do with babies and I cannot stop ‘aww-ing’ and cooing. They are little, innocent people bought into this world as a blessing, and to think people already have negative things to say shows just how cruel the world can be with the internet abuzz with all these conspiracy theories. I am not in any way ignorant to think the world is full of roses and fairytales and that nothing bad can happen, but to bring the so called ‘illuminati’ conspiracy upon a newborn baby is untoward and inappropriate.

    I am somewhat aware of the much rumored illuminati conspiracy that there is an elite society seeking to take over the world with the power of manipulation and so on and so forth, and with Jay-Z and Beyonce, alleged to be members of the secret society behind events that will lead to the establishment of a new world order. But honestly, the newborn daughter of a celebrity couple has the power to do that? I understand their high profiles are much talked about and gossip will inevitably spread but is there not a boundary? Spelling Blue Ivy backwards to create ‘Eulb Yvi’ would have a different meaning entirely. In my opinion the conspiracy theorists have too much time on their hands and are creating something which is not there. Just thinking about referring to any baby as the demon, devil or devils relation in any way, shape or form is utterly despicable.

    The Illuminati, being pawns of the devil and sent here to manipulate and control the world, unquestionably contradicts against any religion, and coming from a religious background I do not believe they have that power. If it were to be true in any sense, it is all under god’s will, which inevitably means god has overall control. You may ask if one were to be an atheist? Well then if they don’t believe in god, how could they believe in the devil?

    Another rumor, since they are ever increasing is that ‘Blue Ivy’ is an acronym for ‘Born Living Under Evil’ and ‘Illuminati’s Very Youngest’. With a possibility that this could be true, there is a much larger possibility of it to not be. An acronym could be made up for absolutely anything and if people are ignorant to believe anything then it is ultimately up to them. Personally I think these rumors are silly and faith is strong enough to counteract against them.

    As written on my blog.

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  2. im afraid for all the conspiracy lot out there, Eulb Yvi does not mean anything - it is not even latin. We do not know if Lucifer even had a daughter [if you want to beleive that] then if he did he didnt have a daughter called Eulb Tvi.
    Eulb Yvi is basically the name Ivy Blue spelt backwards. Nothing more and nothing less.
    Ivy Blue Carter is the name of celebrities Beyonce and Jay Z baby daughter whom they offically named and revealed today.
    A lot of trending and conspiracy but its a little far fetched to me, not everything is illuminati/freemason related.

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  4. Eulb Yvi is the apparant name in latin given to the daughter of the devil Lucifer, when this is spelt backwards it is Ivy Blue.
    Ivy Blue Carter is the name of Beyonce and Jay z's daughter, connect the dots, freemason going on there, its obvious what everyone is trying to hint at...

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  5. devil666 get the fuck outta here your just as fake as all of the other illuminati members Jay Z, Obama, Osama Bin Laden, etc. the fact is that everyone that doesnt think it is real is to ignorant to see it its right in your god damn face for cryin out loud maybe if you opened your eyes for once all im sayin is you better start getting ready for it cause its comin

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  6. go listen to the rapper immortal technique and he will tell you all about what the government is doin to us and how they lie to us about it

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  7. if you want to know about ivy blue beyonce's daughters name

    it is explained here;

    Thumbs up if i helped

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  8. makes one wonder, out of all names why has her name got lucifers daughters name, it isn't exactly spelt right but it isnt far off..

    beyonce and jay z are playing on words to gain publicity

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  9. basically it doesnt mean anything, its a name - Beyonce daughters name in fact but only its reversed.
    So the name Ivy Blue spelt backwards is EULB YVI.
    Ivy Blue carter is Beyonces daughter, but due to the whole illuminate/freemason conspiracy thats associated with Beyonce and husband Jay z conspiracists decide that all of a sudden the name they have given to their baby daughter when spelt backwards is latin for the daughter of lucifer....
    that is why all the buzz is about. Hope i helped :)

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  10. I've heard alot rumours about this Ivy Blue or Eulb Yvi
    because everybody thinks the Rapper Jay-z and Beyonce are the biggest believers of Illuminiati/Freemasion It's the trend which is disgusting, how there trying to say they named it after a devil daughter, In my hearing of the meaning why they named her Ivy Blue because as Recent Beyonce Album '4' was a big hit in 2011 which she stated in a interview that was one her favorite numbers i can't remember the reason and in Roman Umerals IV is 4 ;Then Jay-z Big hit in 2001 with the Album "The Blueprints' so there Ivy Blue!
    Makes abit of sense after!

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  11. jheeez killuminati calm your self down, keep your hair on and stop bracing yourself for something that no one has hardcore solid evidence for, seriously, enjoy your days instead of being such a miserable little oaf.

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  12. Eulb-Yvi means being the daughter of a devil so basically beyonce is Lucifer and Blue Ive is now Eulb Yvi they are secretly following the free mason pattern well done mr and mrs carter

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  13. eulb yvi
    eulb yvi
    Is NOT EVEN LATIN. Whats wrong with poeple.
    Beyonce had a daughter and named her Blue Ivy SO WHAT? Blue Ivy backwards is spelt eulb yvi...
    Which doesnt meant a thing!

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  14. Eulb Yvi seems to be made up by the fans once again, first faking her pregnancy weeks ago then naming her daughter and now pointing fingers at her for such conspirancies please guys.. give the woman a break ivy blue is a beautiful name and it's explained it one of the links above ^ something to do with beyonce liking blue and the ivy is something to do with Jay Z

    good luck!

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  15. Blue Ivy Carter the daughter of Lucifer aka the daughter of eulb yvi .. nice one beyonce first name your daughter after the devil then sell the first ever picture of your daughter for $14million disgusting woman

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  16. this link will explain everything,

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  17. Wow.

    So many people viewing this it just hit the top straight away :S

    anyway I just want to say for those viewing you have got your answers - make sure you sign up
    you don't even need to verify your email - sign up go to ask a question and ask any question you want about a celeb, maybe you want your homework done? the community is here to HELP!


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  18. people want to know the reason the meaning behind beyonces name this post makes it very evident the meaning behind blue ive is the fact that it is eulb yvi spelt backwards lucifers daughters name now things like that dont just happen .. anyone saying beyonce didnt do this by purpose is either dumb or just her fan trying to support her she picked a devils name for her daughter she supports freemason and that is the end of it beyonce is a brainless woman for support the freemasons

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  19. this Eulb Yvi is a whole mess, these celebrities think there god LOL more like god selected you to be special and you disobey god and make yourself god go burn in fire fools

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  20. Blue ivy is just one of the very unkown names parents would give a child and as i was doing research i found out that blue ivy has a secret in its name.. I.V.Y. = Illuminati's Very Youngest B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil. Blue Ivy spelt backwords (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for "Lucifers Daughter" and who knows if this is fake or real, but i believe jay-Z AND Beyonce have a reason for this and its for their child to do something in the future and who knows what that can be but real illuminati..

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  21. Eulb Yvi conspiracy continues you guys continue to add your own views and answers making something so simple such as this one so complicated.

    Eulb Yvi has only trends due to the media flipping Blue Ivy backwards and saying hey we all know Beyoncé is a part of the freemason illuminate therefore she has named her daughter Blue ivy to secretly cover up Eulb Yvi when indeed there is no intention from Beyonce and Jay Z carter you can tell that this is all just a rumour which has been spread since she revealed the baby’s name

    Do you guys remember when Beyonce first said she was pregnant then 6 months later because nobody saw a bump on her stomach they automatically assumed she was making it all up and wasn’t pregnant then it was later revealed that she is pregnant and everyone shut up

    This is the same thing the point is Eulb Yvi does not even link in anyway with Lucifer’s daughter – Lucifer’s Daughter itself is made up so where did the link from Eulb Yvi of Lucifer’s daughter come from and why is it being pointed at Blue Ivy

    Media made thing – can’t believe you guys find the need to follow and just accept everything the media gives you

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  22. Blue Ivy Carter the daughter of Lucifer aka the daughter of eulb yvi .. nice one beyonce first name your daughter after the devil then sell the first ever picture of your daughter for $14million disgusting woman

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  23. Honestly - the blue ivy is just a name.
    People who have nothing better to do are trying to make this poor baby girl into the devils daughter all of a sudden.

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  24. Ok so I timed myself and did exactly three hours of research on this topic. I would like to say that I, too am a conspiricy theorist but the majority of others like me are ignorant, mis-informed, impressionable, and very paranoid. There is no link whatsoever to Blue Ivy and the devil. And even if there where, its not obvoius. At first I thought perhaps, since the illuminati have controle over most of the media that perhaps they removed all documented references of the name from the internet a long time ago. That, Im afraid, is not the case either. Eulb Yvi is not even a word of latin structure in the first place. The closest language that typ of letter stucture comes close to is german, and its not even a german word.

    So I thought perhaps I would find out If Lucifer even HAD children. Well evry singele recource I checked had a different answer. I tried as hard as I could to at least find TWO answers that where similar so that I could provide a supported answer and found nothing. So the fact that Lucifer even has children is un-conclusive.

    BUT (and there should ALMOST always be a "but" even though you are taught otherwise) The illuminati do exist and are constantly running dis-crediting campaigns. I mean it is almost way too stupid for someone to honestly claim something like this and expect it to hold up. My guess is that someone who doesnt want the illuminati exposed created this phenom in order to make people think that the entire illuminati conspiricy theory is a sham. The devil is a cunning liar.

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  25. I don’t understand why people are going on about this whole Blue Ivy thing, this has to be a rumour, there is no hidden meaning behind the name nor any subliminal messages from the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay z’s daughters name. They had a daughter and decided to call her Blue Ivy Carter, which seems normal enough to me, now haters/fans and crazy people alike are making up conspiracies where they say that the name Blue Ivy reversed is the name of Lucifers Daughter – that may be the case but who has the proof?
    Where is the evidence that Lucifer had a daughter? In the bible? Please point it out for me as I don’t recall the devil ever having a daughter named Eulb Yvi.
    Eulb Yvi is just simply a name people have made up from the inspiration of Beyoncé and Jay z’s daughters name Blue Ivy. Talk about coincidence and Freemason and Illuminate, honestly people, find someone to do instead of making such things up and questioning such a coincidence as if it was planned when in fact this is all false.
    All I ever hear about the freemason and illuminate is how Jay z is the leader of the group, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Drake, Chris Brown and all those other famous celebrities are a part of it, if they are a part of this so-called group – so what? Leave them to it and listen to Country music instead.
    I hope y’all get a hobby soon..

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  26. lucifers daughters name is NOT eulb yvi.
    Eulb yvi is just a rediculous name made up by crazy poeple who say that it is the devil lucifers daughters name, when in fact Blue ivy is just beyonce daughters name and that backwards spells..... JIBBERISH.

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  27. i laugh at people on here at times, eulb yvi would only make sense if her name was ivt blue which spelt backwardly is Eulb Tvi now this is the daughter of lucifers name then you would have had some type of argument and maybe you may have had a few people agreeing but the point is it's completly off by one letter, eulb yvi is just made up to gain publicity by someone and its going viral since everyone needs to relax there cotton socks and welcome blue ivy carter to the world instead of hammering beyonce and jay z because of the name they chose .. there the parents .. they decide what they want to name there daughter

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  28. Eulb Yvi, my gosh this is never-ending, it seems people will keep talking about Eulb yvi as if their life depended on it,
    Look, we have seen the picture of the baby daughter Blue Ivy who Beyoncé and Jay Z are proud parents. They have even moved to protect the name of Blue Ivy so that nobody can take her name and sell the name back to them. They are just normal parents trying to bring up daughter in a safe manner, granted they are both big celebrities who will have a difficult time trying to bring up Eulb Yvi like a normal girl; she has become a famous celeb as soon as the world found out that Beyoncé was pregnant, the world was talking about her, even when we heard rumours about her name that caused an even bigger stir in the gossip and music industry. When we finally found out the real name of beyonce’s daughter - blue ivy the entire world suddenly decides that her name when spelt backwards is Eulb Yvi which is supposedly the name of Lucifers (the devil) daughters name.
    The thing I ask myself is that DID LUCIFER EVEN HAVE A DAUGHTER? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Come on all you scholars and gossip hungry people, show me how and why any of this makes sense.
    Eulb Yvi means NOTHING as far as im concerned. I’ll happily eat my own words if someone proves me otherwise.

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  29. What the hell is this?
    Where ever you look everyone is saying; what does eulb yvi mean? what is eulb yvi? Who is eulb yvi? Eulb Yvi stands for? Beyonce daughter Eulb Yvi? Please leave this discussion of Eulb Yvi now. Her name is BLUE IVY not EULB YUVI. its just a coincidence that her name is BLUE IVY. NOW STOP associating Eulb Yvi with beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy. No more Eulb Yvi, Eulb Yvi. HER NAME IS BLUE IVY

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  30. Everyone is asking what does Eulb Yvi mean?

    Eulb Yvi has no meaning whatsoever that is the bottom line there is no such thing as Lucifer having a daughter named that so stop lowering the status of the new born baby blue ivy don’t think it’s right for people to post such non-sense and whoever begun this trend has plenty of time on their hands clearly

    this is just another business start something new and get people to speak about it as much as possible will lead to gain, typical of the media!

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  31. Eulb Yvi is just non sense stop fooling for this stuff

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  32. 61 responses to a topic that shouldn't even be talking about - what has this world come to baby blue ivy should not be getting all this flaming nor should beyonce

    its all made up and everyone is being a bunch of babies by accepting it instead of doing their research look amongst the top posts of this question its explained about lucifer not even having a daughter so where did this devilish name eulb yvi come from

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  33. Eulb yvi is getting rather tiring right now, it really means none of your bees wax – why do people find the need to think that eulb yvi is some sort of satanic related thing, don’t get me wrong – I do believe in the illuminate, although it seems a little far-fetched to me as jenseng said, it isn’t even a real thing, sometimes fake things are fake and there really is no argument here, how convincing is this? Its all internet rumours and we have all heard about celebrities naming their babies some weird things, take a look at blanket, apple .. the list goes on and on.
    Blue Ivy is not the weirdest name in Hollywood I can guarantee you that, it really isn’t as people making It out to be – eulb yvi is indeed what Blue ivy is reversed – other than that there is no freemason related things attached. There is no such thing as lucifers daughter and him having named her eulb yvi = its all just ridicule and something to pick on for the two parents Beyonce and Jayz.

    get over it already.

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  34. Eulb Yvi is a joke , Beyonce has not done any of this by purpose please stop assuming things yabbers

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  35. Eulb Yvi is just useless we don’t need it in our lives stop adding answers to this useless topic wasting your time on something the media made a few months ago – give us a good reason to believe that Beyonce would name her daughter blue ivy carter under the devil Lucifer’s name I don’t even believe in any Lucifer crap let alone Lucifer’s daughter this topic about Eulb Yvi is getting ridiculous

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  36. This is actually kinda freaky if this stuff is true - Jay Z does seem like the Illuminati/freemason type but I would never think Beyonce is. A lot of people are saying that Eulb Yvi is not even latin and so definitely cannot mean Lucifer's/Devil's daughter but if that is what it means then naming her Blue Ivy really cannot be a coincidence. Even though there are reports that they like that name, isn't it just a bit too convenient that they name her something that means Devil's daughter backwards? TBH though it's kind of sad to see such a small baby have to have so much talk going on about her and her parents. She is already famous, firstly just for being the daughter of such a famous couple and secondly due to all these rumours. It is weird but people should just let them live - they've just had a baby, they deserve their privacy and respect.

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  37. blue ivy the daughter of Lucifer this makes me laugh so much Lucifers daughter name daughters name isn’t even Blue Ivy or Eulb Tvi or Eulb Yvi all wrong wrong and wrong

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  38. these Rumours are incorrect blue ivy is not the daughter of Lucifer this makes me laugh so much Lucifers daughter name daughters name is NOT even Blue Ivy or Eulb Tvi or Eulb Yvi end of discussion!

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  39. seems like another oppertunity for everyone to point fingers at beyonce, first the faking of her baby now its official she has blue ivy carter she shut everyone up now this.. eulb yvi seriously guys it's her baby they already gave the reasons beyonce likes the colour blue jay z likes ivy they put 2 and 2 togeather = blue ivy carter please just accept it.

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  40. i guess i found what it means lol
    Beyonce daughters name is Blue Ivy and that spelt backwards is Eulb Yvi.
    They have been associating this with the devil lucifers daughter whos name apparantly is 'Eulb yvi'
    i find it a little silly tbh....

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  41. EULB YVI this and Eulb Yvi that..... is there something else you people can talk about?
    all i read about is how jayz and beyonce has the devils daughter or something, get a life. We all know they're a part of the freemason and illuminati gang, i dont know why everyone has suddenly woken up and smelt the coffee, its no new news Eulb Yvi whatever, beyonce has a daughter whose name when spelt backwards is Eulb Yvi which is lucifers daughters name..big wow

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  42. EULB Yvi = blue ive = the devil = lucifers daughters name

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  43. get over it people, this is not true.
    Why does people make everything related to Freemasonry and Illumaniti?

    Eulb Yvi is Eulb Yvi - just a bunch of letters that when spelt backwards is Blue Ivy.
    Beyonces daughter.
    Thats it - end of - full stop.
    I dare one of you crazy believers to go to a latin scholar who understands latin to translate what Eulb Yvi is or even go to the damn priest and ask them if lucifer had a daugher and what was then name?

    Go on, lets see what kind of crazy conspiracy you come up with next.
    Illuminati dont exist, neither does freemason, whatever who cares about them, its just like a chess club but a little more sinister - big woop.

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  44. People, please leave blue ivy alone now she’s a little baby she doesn’t deserve this calling her the devil and what not – the truth is this is a media stunt to generate more popularity trying to dig holes into something trying to make it as real as possible when indeed there is nothing there.

    I say we all let it go now there is no link with Eulb Yvi as the devils daughter name was Eulb Tvi so why are we still talking about this topic, you should not read everything the media put’s in front of you

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  45. Eulb yvi, jheeeeeezzzz the most dumbest thing i have ever heard, its like not even official, we have not even seen the poor kid and everyone is calling her the devils child ¬¬
    what is wrong with people today, eulb yvi and blue ivy is the same thing - JUST A NAME. that is all.

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  46. blimey, what is all this,. some random celeb decided to name her child blue Ivy....... and now her name spelt backwards is Eulb Yvi - the devils child?
    talk about crazy people .. sometimes people just need a hobby instead of listening to all this KKK and freemason and Illuminati rubbish.

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  47. Wow everyone is going crazy with the Devil's child stuff...I study latin and Eulb Yvi is not even can even check on all the translator websites or ask someone that is actually latin. It's like taking any name spelling it backwards and insisting it's a latin word for something evil. Blue Ivy was named by Beyone and Jay Z simply because they like the name. Nothing more, nothing less. You know how celebs like to have unique names e.g. apple, harper seven etc and that's exactly what Beyonce and Jay Z wanted to do. Weird but nice name - does not have any significance to Lucifer's daughter or whatever it is

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  48. I don’t understand why anyone would want to call this baby girl the devils daughter – why would you people do that? Why are you all such low lives that you have nothing better to do than immerse yourself into the world of the celebrities and media and made up illuminate and freemason gibberish?
    Does it look like anyone cares at the end of the day? If you believe that there is such thing what are you going to do about it? Nothing, all you will do is sit behind a screen being such keyboard warrior’s yabbing on and on about fake stuff and seriously exposing yourselves to how sad you must be.
    I don’t even want to comment on Killuminati’s comment, seriously no time for that.
    I think Blue Ivy is a lovely unique name, although a little strange it’s sort of cute.
    And everyone is saying backwards spelt it is eulb yvi?
    Eulb Yvi – doesn’t have a meaning
    Eulb yvi ….. Still doesn’t have a meaning…… eulb yvi…. Again doesn’t have a meaning.
    It doesn’t matter how many times I say the name eulb yvi it will never have a meaning nor will it miraculously turn into Latin and become the devil daughters name either, honestly go find yourselves a job instead of criticizing Beyoncé’s daughters name.
    It’s probably because of this that she doesn’t even want to show the world her baby.

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  49. Look people! You spelled it wrong its Yvieulb not Eulb Yvi! Just look it up!

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  50. Eulb Yvi is a load of crap to be honest with you, people need to cut Blue Ivy Carter some slack she is a little baby and already the media are cutting her up to pieces telling the world how she is the devils Lucifer’s name by flipping her name backwards it means nothing – I repeat it means nothing Eulb Yvi is a made up word it never existed till this whole beyonce drama came about now all of a sudden Lucifer has a daughter named Eulb Yvi what complete utter non sense I know my stuff and I know not to believe or fall for this non sense

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  51. What is this Blue ivy and eulb yvi thingy everyon is talking about? I dont get why this is high in the popular questions lol never even heard of this till yabyab

    i knew that beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy carter and Jay z is the father and everything but whats all this freemason thingy going on? Why are people saying blue ivy is the devils daughter or something? Im a little confused lmao

    not sure why everyone is so fussed about a name, i doubt lucifer ever had a daugther named Eulb Yvi, sounds quite funny to me. For all we know Blue Ivy is some made up crap and all the celebrities are a part of the freemason.
    hahaa, who agrees lol

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  52. So let me get this straight, Blue Ivy is the name of Beyonce and Jay z's daughter.
    People are saying Lucifer had a daughter named Eulb Yvi.
    When you reverse the name of Beyonce's daughter from Blue Ivy you get Eulb Yvi.
    People have now decided somehow that these celebrities has purposely named their daughter Blue Ivy because of the relation with Freemasonry and Illuminate?

    REALLY? Are you being serious? get off the computer and stop wasting your time with silly things like this, whether they are true or not its a waste of energy and time to beleive in such things that personally i think is false.

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  53. Eulb Yvi is a joke to be honest the way people are searching this up on the internet more and more

    You are all mislead about Blue ivy and this whole Eulb Yvi which is made up the daughter of Lucifer name is not Eulb Yvi in Latin as the rumours are being spread about this over and over it’s just not right stop spreading false rumours about a little child that doesn’t know her ABC’s just yet

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  54. The real name of Lucifer's daughter is Sirk Rennej.

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  55. I don't think it means anything.

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  56. poor baby blue ivy everyone pointing fingers at her :(

    Report abuse     May 23, 2012 10:44 AM  |   Thumb Up (1)   0 (0)

  57. Poor little baby isnt even fully grown up to realise people are already talking trash about her, its just a name and people are twisting it about to be something else lol this is insane

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  58. Poor baby being called eulv yvi :( you guys are mean leave blue ivy alone she going to be a gorgeous one in a few years to come

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  59. lucifers daugheters name

    Report abuse     Feb 22, 2012 10:00 PM  |   Thumb Up (0)   1 (1)

  60. Blue Ivy REVERSED is Eulb Yvi

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  61. where Ivy blue originated from

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  62. Eulb Yvi is just a reason for everyone to speak about anything the fact of the matter is beyonce and jay z carter have no intention to name there daughter blue ivy carter a devil when you spell eulb yvi (blue ivy) backwards it is not Eulb Tvi is the devils name of Lucifer where did eulb yvi mean eulb tvi this is where it all falls flat on it's face this argument is indeed false anything that agrees that beyonce has named her daughter after the devil needs to get there head checked, anyone that agrees that indeed people are stupid for thinking turning a little babies name backwards changing letters around making eulb yvi > eulb tvi has a straight thinking brain just like myself.

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  63. it means the backwards of Beyonce daughters name, blue ivy equals eulb yvi
    also eulb yvi is LUCIFER /devils daughters name.

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  64. Eulb Yvi is simply Blue Ivy's name backwards - nothing more, nothing less. Personally I don't believe the whole illuminati story about her famous parents Beyonce and Jay-Z naming her after Lucifer's daughter. What sane parents would ever even think to name their daughter afetr such a thing - it may be one thing that they follow the devil (if it's true) but does not mean that they would give such a name to their first child. Just looks like the media blowing everything out of proportion once again - next they'll be saying she already talks with full on conversations at 6 months and will people believe that too?

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  65. ivy blue

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  66. nothing

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  67. Give the little baby a break, only just born and people are talking trash about baby blue ivy im sure her parents do not want to name her after no devil eulb yvi dont believe it people

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  68. Let's cut it short without the chitchat we all know who beyonce is by now and who jay z is - if your viewing this you want to know what all the hype is regarding the new baby within the Carter family she has officially been named Blue Ivy Carter

    So the media has decided this isn't good enough we want to blow up this news further and I bring you eulb yvi - what is eulb yvi reader? It means nothing yes you just wasted your time trying to look this up but at least your clear the rumour that is going around with eulb yvi being lucifers daughter when you switch around the blue ivy name is non sense and made up.

    Lucifer's daughters name is also not 100% certain to be "eulb tvi" notice how blue ivy is spelt backwards is "eulb yvi" a name was flipped backwards yet it didn't match the so called lucifer the devils daughters name yet people are going about nodding their head to this

    This will teach you a lesson never listen to the media blindly they will only tell you things you want to know YES this may be interesting but what good is such news when its untrue

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  69. this thing has 66 answers lol, cant remember the last time i answered but eulb yvi is getting over board now keeps spreading like fire on twitter espicially people are speaking about it like they are truly convinced?

    what makes you think beyonce and jay z are stupid enough to name there daughter after a devil, they simply picked a name that they can brand in the future blue ivy seems very celebrity like already to be honest

    read sonia's answer for more details i think its the best you dont need to read any further

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  70. everyone here agreeing to these facts in the media is clearly lacking an education... not to be rude but its just very stupid how this has been blown up and you believe whatever you see in the papers, there is no way beyonce would think about naming her daughter after lucifers that.. get real.. she is a mother

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  71. Zak

    61 responses to a topic that shouldn't even be talking about - what has this world come to baby blue ivy should not be getting all this flaming nor should beyonce

    dud, you make up for like half of these responses, soooo....

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